Can Eye Problems Cause Dizziness?

Can Eye Problems Cause Dizziness?

We cover the connections that lead to eye problems that cause dizziness and the steps you can take to protect your vision and overall health.

How Long is an Eye Exam?

How Long is an Eye Exam?

Eye exams are an important part of your overall health, and we’ll cover how long an eye exam is so you can fit it in your schedule.

Bump on the White of Eye

Bump on the White of eye

In this article we cover the possible causes of a bump on the white of your eye, treatment options and when to see the doctor.

Foods to Reduce Eye Pressure

Foods to reduce eye pressure

High eye pressure can lead to glaucoma, a common cause of blindness in adults. Discover the foods to reduce eye pressure and keep your eyes healthy for life!

How Long Does Eye Strain Last

How long does eye strain last - man holding glasses

If your eyes are sore and tired, you’re wondering “how long does eye strain last?” Get the answer plus tips to prevent and treat eye strain.

Eye Bag Surgery Gone Wrong

​​Eye Bag Surgery Gone Wrong

Understand the complications of eye bag surgery gone wrong and how it can damage the function and health of your eyes.

Can You Drive with One Eye?

Can you drive with one eye?

As long as you have good vision in your other eye, you can safely hit the road and drive with one eye. Get our best tips for driving with one eye!

White, Stringy Mucus in Eye

White Stringy Mucus in Eye

What’s that white, stringy mucus in your eye? Find out what’s causing the discharge and what you can do about it.

Ring Light Associated Eye Strain

Ring Light Associated Eye Strain, bright lights, big problems

What is ring light associated eye strain and how can you prevent damage to your eyes from your ring lights before you go live again!